Welcome Again

After over a year of being off the grid, I have reposted the site with lots of changes. I hope you enjoy the changes, if you have been here before. If it is new to you, I hope you find it interesting. It will take quite some time to get all of the old "stuff" on here, but I will be working on it.

Estate Sales
As I have since 1998, I am an estate liquidator. In
the past 19 years, I have been involved in over
400 estate sales. This includes sales in the six figures,
large farming operations, and historic homes.
I am a certified personal property appraiser with many
years of experience in appraising antiques, artwork,
furniture, household goods as well as a wide range of
business property including vehicles & farm equipment.
Antique Dealer
As I have since the early 80's I buy and sell
antiques and collectibles. The market is
rather limited these days, but I am still
quite active with my sales.
Variety of Interest
I have always had a wide variety of interests and have
been actively involved in many different activities.
Flip through these cards to see some of my interests
and ways of making a living. I've never been in a rut.
My main interest these days is photography, in particular, nature
photography. Although, I do enjoy just about any opportunity
to take pictures or work on my computer skills processing them.
While I have always had at least a mild interest in birds,
in the past few years I have become fascinated.
Now I am an active birder who spends much time either
in the field observing birds or photographing them.
Website Design
I still create websites as I have since 1995. However, I
only do it for select clients. I also am very
proficient with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).