If you live long enough, you get to write your About Me section many times for only the most dull of us never change. While About Me is not what I have done, I have done many things and never had a linear life. So, not to get too philosophical, I will just touch on the important things right now.  

These days, I consider myself a photographer, a writer, and naturalist. At least, that is my self-image. I still do many other things, for altho' I am sort of retired, I am still working and staying active.

Most of my time is spent with activities related to nature and photography, although I still am working a bit. I still do an estate sale each month, an occasional appraisal, take care of a few websites that I also designed, and have a booth in an antique mall. 

I also spend a fair amount of time writing. I still write poetry, but that is usually late at night when memories and assorted blues sometimes come to visit. I also am working on three books: the novel I have been writing for thirty years and will never finish, a book at estate sales, and, at the request of one of my daughters, my memoirs, similar to that which my mother when her time grew short. 

There is more to add to this and I will come back and revisit this later with more of the "who am I" stuff.