I have managed Estate Sales since 1998. The first ones were done in Fort Worth and Dallas. Later I did a couple in Florida, but most were done in southeast Texas, Houston, southwest Louisiana, and central Texas. Around five years ago, I moved back to where we lived when I was born, East Texas, and have been doing them here ever since.

Over the years, I have been a part of at least 500 sales. For a while, we handled at least one a week and sometimes two. These days, I try to do one a month but sometimes it gets closer to two per month. Even with that, I turn down far more than I take. 

I should point out that I am a professional estate liquidator as opposed to the majority of people who handle estate sales. There is a world of difference in the type of service I offer than probably 90% of the people who are in this industry. Most of them have little or no real business, sales, negotiating, or any other skills that are necessary to perform this service properly. There is no comparison to what we do or the return that we bring to the family. 

At this time, I am close to finishing my book on starting an estate sale business. I hope to have it out by this fall (of 2019).