Just This Damn Winter Night

I am so tired of being lonely, tired of being blue.
Tired of trying to remember how being touched used to feel.

Tired of trying to remember how a smile could melt my heart.

Back in the days when all these sad old songs didn’t make me cry.
Fall has drifted into winter.
Leaves have fallen and now blow sadly across the lawn.
In days long gone, I made it through the winter nights on the promise of Spring.
For I knew the day would come when the sun would shine and skies turn bright.
I knew I could hold on.
I knew with that promise, I could persevere somehow, someway.

Tonight a soft cold rain falls giving a foggy glow to the lights across the way.
Looking through the window for just a moment, my breath fogged the glass and hid the view.
No signs of Spring. . .  No belief that it will ever come.
My Springs are gone; lost in time.

Never to have that rush again, to feel that special touch again.
Drifting through the winter nights knowing my fake smile each day

hides the emptiness from the world.
No Spring for me, no touch . . . just this damn winter night
that will never end.

Michael Mathews
Friday 8:11pm
In the RV
December 23, 2016
Listening now as Crystal Gayle sings “When I Dream”