I have lost another Spring

This one flashed by

At speeds just above the limit

As I raced home

To rage, rage

At hospitals and scented floors

Glade air freshener in the new scent

Medical mist

Commercial grade

We sat in her room

Watching sunsets and the city skyline

Of lights that glowed then died

Often we laughed

Sometimes we just sat

Sometimes we cried

I have lost another Spring

This one seen in blurs of white

As nurses and doctors

Came and went

We ignored them best we could

Let them come and go

Have their way with her

Take blood, give fluids

Pills, and injections

That left angry blue bruises

On her hips, arms, and stomach

One night I brought a bottle

Of bubble-making soap

And in the twilight we blew

Bubbles about the room

She would not eat

Except bits of apple fritter

At times she talked and laughed

With people who only she could see

I have lost another Spring



                 11:55 P.M.

            Mother’s house