Look out there

At the absolute darkness.

Not a glimmer of light.

And the silence

Not a sound

Listen close

Can you hear anything?

Is that laughter?

No, it is a sound mirage.

Wanting so badly to hear something


That the mind plays tricks.

It is like this blackness

This void of light

Out towards the horizon

The eye wants to believe there is light


But there is not.

There is nothing.

For I left all behind

Let me send a little tendril of motion

To create a wave of thought

And let this wave

Lap upon their distant shore.

Let it be a feeler

To see if they remember me there

If they would like to again

See my smile

Hear my voice.

No response.

Well, I didn’t think there would be.

There hasn’t been one in a long time

Just thought I would try again

So now, alone again

In the silence

In the dark

Too dark to see into my eyes

And what would you see?


No, they were gone long ago

Just empty holes of darkness.

Nothing left now.



5:13 PM

N. Lauderdale, Fl