Amour or One of Those Other Words

Is it the end of something?
Some finality
that I just realized?
Is it like the last spring
the last smile
or the last thunderstorm
of all time?
Of course it is
but I have pretended, for a long time
for my entire life
and held to some belief
that was never supposed to die.
That just couldn’t die
for wasn’t it a key part of living
a key part of life
and maybe the reason
and the answer
to the age old question, “why”.
I would say it is sad
and know it is a lie
for sad is a puny word
to use for such a death
of such importance.
For something that was never
ever really real
but the belief in it
was the whole foundation.
I could be trite
and say the end of a dream
but even that is shallow.
Six decades and more
to finally learn
that it is all a lie.
That all those words I wrote
and songs I sung
were for naught
were for pure foolishness.
There’s no such thing.
There’s no such thing.
And how sad is that?

Michael Mathews
June 22, 2013
10:28 PM
SE Texas