Coloring Book

And the new one

Well, the potential new one


Are you lamenting

Over losing someone

Or yearning for a new love??

Ah what a question

Do I remember old times

Past lovers

Steamy nights

And stolen moments?

Of course I do

Just as I remember

How it felt

To walk along

Hand in hand

A shoulder brushing mine

Light laughter on the breeze

And the thought that this walk

Was taking us somewhere

Somewhere special

Somewhere I longed to be

Do I remember soft lips


And a feeling that the old cliché

Walking on clouds

Never came close to describing?

And when the music plays

Those songs

The songs from those days

Does it echo in my mind

And touch my heart

With a memory of each moment

Of joy

Bound in time to this particular melody?

And sometimes

Late at night

Especially on THOSE nights

When the moon glows through the window

When the knowledge that I am alone

All alone

Though perhaps surrounded by friends

On THOSE nights do I remember

My heart in my throat

When love died

In flames

That devoured my heart

And very being?

Do I remember the emptiness

That followed

That haunted me

When all the world seemed to be a couple

Only to remind me

Of the emptiness beside me?

Do I absolutely ache

Thinking of the times I gazed

Deep into the eyes

Of that special one

Just before the magic began?

The answer to all these questions

Is yes

Yes I long for it all

Yes I remember, I still feel it all

But the funny part

Is that I don’t remember

Whether those eyes

Were blue or brown

Of some shade inbetween.

Was her hair gold in the moonlight

Or some darker hue


But those parts were not recorded

In this sometimes painful log

Of memory

But the feelings were

Oh, I can remember every touch

Every squeeze on my heart

But not who put them there

When I walk in the moonlight

With thoughts and songs echoing

In my head

And this longing in my heart

There is no name on my lips

No face that appears before my eyes

It is just the feelings that are still alive

There is still the desire

To have it again.

Lord, lord

Let me find it

Let me wallow in it

Isn’t this the best that life offers?

Isn’t this what makes all else


Oh to have it before me

Like a coloring book

To add the color of the eyes

Then the hair

And then scribble her name

Across the page

And across my heart

Let me feel that lump in my throat again

That comes when joy

Just simply overwhelms

And touch

How I long for touch

How I long for touch



December 3, 2005

4:09 PM

Saturday afternoon