Damn Fool

Everyone wants to be in love. 

And why not? 

What could be more fun? 

What else makes all the little ticks of the clock

Into tiny measurements of joy

What else brings such highs? 

Never mind gravity. 

For every time love strikes

All is weightless.

Nothing to ever bring you down.

How many times does it have to happen

Before you see the horizon

And not just the stars?

Isn’t there supposed to be

A little lurch that leaves the heart

In your throat

And you stomach not far behind

In queasy fear

Saying, “On, hell.  Here we go again.”

The highs are so high.

Love blinds as you soar ever higher

Damn fool

Stop it

Enjoy the moment

Enjoy the mystery

But don’t spread those wings

Don’t soar for the heavens

In a burst of emotion

And that stupid belief

That this time

This time it is real

This time it will last forever

You know better

The highs are so high

But they don’t get higher

With each new love

The lows, though

Get lower and lower

The fall harder

And harder to survive

Damn fool

Can I say “Never again”?

Will it be true?

But it is hard because you want to believe

You want so hard for it to be true

You want to find the one you’ve written about

The one you longed for

The one who you sing about in the shower

The one you were so sure you found

Time and time again

But not to be

Never to be

Damn fool 


October 20, 2001

10:37 P.M.

Saturday night

Candlelight Inn

Room 5

Boynton Beach, FL

(Alone again)