I Didn’t Leave A Thing

I didn’t leave anything in Newsome
except memories of some
 who have been gone for years and years.

I didn’t leave much in Dallas
where, these days, I hate to return
to concrete, cars, and too many people
who have forgotten how to smile.

I didn’t leave more than just a bit in Garland
other than a few highlights and scenes
that flash back now and then

I didn’t leave a thing in Germany
but did come how with bonds
like never before.

I didn’t leave a lot in Odessa
but the glory of college days,
alcoholic memories and crazy times
came away with me.

I didn’t leave anything that matters in Tucson
except for some trails through the desert
I would like to walk again.

I didn’t leave a lot in Fort Worth
but  a series of grooves in dance floors
and a dream or two.

I didn’t leave a single thing in Tampa
except a certainty that this was not the place for me.

 I didn’t leave much of anything in Atlanta
except for some fun that went unused
and maybe too many places unappreciated.

I didn’t leave every treasure in Houston
although at times it seems that came close
and some things can never be replaced

I didn’t leave much more in Del Ray Beach
but lots of nights in the sand and moonlight
by ocean waves

I didn’t leave a lot, if anything, in a score of other places
but wait, I did leave something, maybe the thing,
somewhere along the way.

Michael Mathews
January 24, 2018
6:00 PM
In the RV by the lake at sunset