I Don’t Want to Stand Here

I don’t want to wake up some morning

And find that I forgot

To pass on those words

To someone I care so much about.

I don’t want to have to wish

I told this one that

And that one this.

I don’t want to be awake in the middle of the night

And suddenly have my heart ache

Because I didn’t say how much I care

Or what they really mean to me.

I don’t want those feelings wasted

Those words unused.

It is so easy to believe the right time

Will come

And still always think this is not it

But soon.  I keep saying.

I don’t want to stand here on this beautiful spring day

With my heart in my throat

And tears in my eyes.

As the preacher drones

And someone sobs softly behind me

While the thought of those words

Weighs on my heart like lead.


March 24, 2002

Where I live but it’s not home

Delray Beach, Florida

1:52 P.M.