I Lost the Damn Remote

how easy it is to just sit
and watch whatever comes on.
You watch whatever happens
when you lose the remote.
Shows become better
or maybe it’s more like
not being worth the effort
it takes to get up and change them.
Just when you think it can’t get worse
there is a new low
but still you just sit there.
It’s stupid, I know,
but you just watch
whatever comes on
when you lose the remote.
Time drags; time flies;
sometimes it’s all just a blur.
Then you look up at
all the time that has passed
and think about all the crap
that you’ve been watching.
And still you wait.
Still you think it’s gonna change.
Something good is coming soon.
But it doesn’t.
It never gets any better
and you knew it wouldn’t
a long, long time ago.
You were right, so finally
you got up off your fat ass
and changed the damn channel.

Michael Mathews
Saturday night 10:52 PM