I Remember

I look at him and it is hard to believe

That he is three

Or that he is mine

Or here at all

A boy

After all these years

And all these girls

A boy is a special thing

To a man

And that takes nothing

Away from the special things

That are my girls

It is different though

I always knew it would be

Long before I walked with him

Holding on to my hand


As we walked with that little hand

In mine

He was jabbering about a bug

His eyes so bright

And I was so full

Of love and pride

I knew I’d remember this moment

It was almost like a lightening bolt

I have this little man walking beside me

This little me

I remembered

I remembered back so long ago

When I was a little boy

And walked beside my father

He took me to the State Fair

I don’t remember the rides

I don’t remember the games

Or the animals

I don’t remember the bright lights

Of the Ferris wheel

I just remember walking

Holding my Daddy’s hand


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