It’s Not Christmas ‘Til You Cry

They start now
before the leaves have fallen.
Before we’ve packed the shorts
and T-shirts away.
Christmas lights in store windows
and garlands reaching across the aisle.

But it’s not Christmas
no matter the signs.

Oh, they’ll wait a bit before
the carols start
with all the words
that tug you from years past.
But it won’t be long
before it’s everywhere you go.
Tho’ the day is still so long away.

But it’s not Christmas
no matter the signs.

Not just weeks now
but rather months of all the signs
and festive notes of the season.

But it’s not Christmas
no matter the signs.

I’d like to say that it doesn’t affect me
and that is largely true.
For really deep inside
I know it’s not here yet
for I couldn’t struggle
through all that time
to wallow in the memories
of all those seasons long gone.
I just hold on
until Christmas is really here.
I fight the feeling each year.
Try to avoid where it takes me.
Lord, Lord, another one is near.
Go ahead and start early.
I really don’t care.
For me and many others
it’s not here yet.
It won’t be Christmas until you cry.

Michael Mathews
October 16, 2018
10:26 AM
RV by the lake on a cold rainy day (third in a row).