Large Girls in Windows

She sits at night

At her window and watches

The moon and the stars

Watches the lights

Washing the streets

From the passing cars

Her favorite sad songs

Pour softly from her stereo

To fill her soul

Fill her eyes

On another Saturday night

Or is it Friday

Somehow they are all the same

Days filled with empty smiles

Polite words and playing

Some happy game

For all the others

But nights are not the same

For they seem never to pass

With minutes filled

With the blues

And an aching

For what has never been

“It is their loss”

They used to say

“You are beautiful inside

And if they don’t see that

Then they don’t deserve you”

But what about me?

She asks to herself 

“What do I deserve?”

As she sits night after night

Knowing the good things within

Knowing what she has to give

Knowing the nights will never end

Michael Mathews
Aunt Dot’s
Lumberton, TX
Saturday 11:41 AM