Laughing ‘til You Cried

When was the last time you laughed
‘til you cried?
Or that your sides were sore
from the laughter the night before.
Was it from the friends
or the booze
or just when the timing was absolutely right?
Was it days? Weeks? Months?
How could it possibly be years?
Didn’t it used to happen
a lot
somewhere back there
long, long ago?
Who were you with
and why aren’t you with them
Where were you?
Was it nearby, near here?
Can you jump in the car right now
and find your way there?
What did they say to make you laugh
Or was it something they did?
When was the last time you laughed
‘til you cried?
Much longer ago
than when you only cried.

Michael Mathews
December 10, 2016
7:22 PM Saturday night
In the RV that is so close to home
my home, at least, for it can roll
on to wherever home might be.
Wherever home might be. . . .

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