Leaving It All Behind

There is an interesting thing about leaving it all behind.
Oh, of course, there is the drama
and the worry about what next.
But one of the first things I thought of
was a phone.
Had to get a new phone and new phone number
for the separation would be clean.
No loose ends.  No exceptions for anyone.
So now I have the new phone
and spent a good part of the morning
getting it set up.
Got the apps transferred
and the ringtones that were assigned
to the ones left behind.  Each with their own
tone so I knew exactly who was calling
at the first note.
And so, now I look at the phone
all shiny and new with all the new features
the old one didn’t have.
I thought about that first call, the first ring.
Then remembered that after all this rush
to get it up and working
The Contact List was now empty
for I left them all behind.
All empty. Not a reason one for a new phone.

Michael Mathews
Feb 19th, 2014
9:14 PM
Robin’s apt – Houston