Mother Took the Picture

Late summer of ‘69
In my mother’s driveway
Sitting on the fender my ’62 Impala
Bright blue, smoked windows
Glass packs that rumbled
I am there
Hair down a little towards my eyes
Loafers, no socks
Home from the army
And now free to move on in my life
Is there promise in my eyes?
I don’t remember
I see myself in that picture
The image that stopped time
And it just feels good
What a joyous time
What a joyous age to be
Twenty years old
With a life reaching out from there
So many paths to choose
But not a thought at that time
Looking at it now
From the viewpoint of decades passed
Knowing which roads
I took
From that point
Knowing what lay ahead
That  is not what I think of
When I see that picture
I just remember how wonderful
That time in my life was
And the fun and joy that lay ahead
And I remember who took
The picture

Michael Mathews
Tuesday 9:21 PM