Music in a Pie Shell

The morning started off with music.
Sometimes, that is good;
sometimes not.
I heard new voices and zeroed in
on a few.
I felt some of the new words.
Some soothed, some moved,
and some cut.
One phrase sticks out
“More and more I feel like less and less”.
Then I turned to old friends
Songs that have been constantly near
through the years: night-time friends,
drinking buddies, road trip warriors.
Sometimes the music was in the background;
sometimes filling every thought.
I worked, too.
Got some things done here and there.
At times, the music faded
but never the words.
Finally, I said “The hell with it”
and I got up and made a pie.

Michael Mathews
December 2, 2018
1:44 PM Sunday
In the RV by the lake