Up at 4 AM
and the day is already going downhill
still long before the sun
has taken a peek at the day.
Yes, it music that has turned the tide.
Well, there was a slight tilt
to the day already
but music brought it to the forefront.
Another music day?
Perhaps, but not for certain.

I could not face the day
with the television news
to drag me down in the latest turmoil.
No. Music – that was the key
to a better start
as I putter on my desk
and on the computer
watching out the big window for signs
of day coming to life.
Watching for the light;
needing the light to shine within.

Music is joyous paradox.
Sometimes filled with the joy;
sometimes not
but always filled with some sort of emotion.

The blinds are pulled
so all the world can be seen
and see.
Another paradox, perhaps.
For I recently rebuilt all the walls,
pulled the shades
after tearing them down for a bit.

But it is one thing to open the blinds
and quite another to open let walls fall.
There are places the light is not supposed to shine,
no matter how pleasing the glow might be.
Well, at least for a while.

Sometimes, those who are allowed to see
the sheltered parts
are not careful where they step.
Sometimes, they can be careless
with the inner workings
of places few have ever seen.

Wait. Wait.
What crap and its coming from me.
If I wanted to hear lies
I could have just turned on the news.

Trust can be a fickle thing
to some.
Not to me.

Ah, but I have a talent,
one whose need has been handy
far too many times.
I am a craftsman
when it comes to building those damn walls.
Now if I could be as good about remembering
how few friends,
if any,
ever should be allowed past.   
Cynical? Of course, but with good reason.
Change the music.
Find some new songs.

Michael Mathews
06:49 AM
Friday, Sept 11, 2020
On the lake where I have heard rumors of home