One More Day

What would we do

If we had one more day?

Would we laugh

As we told of all that’s happened

Since then?

Would we hug one another

And breathe in those scents

That are so strongly attached to memories?

The ones whose slightest whiff

Brings back the person.

The moment,

The feelings.

With one more day,

Would it be full of joy

And stories?

Would we cry?

Would we talk of how much

We’ve missed

And show pictures of the little ones

Now grown so large?

Would we keep the whole day to ourselves

And not share a moment with anyone else

Or would we run about saying, “See . . .”

“Do you remember when I told you about . . .”

“This is . . . “

Lord, Lord

If we had one more day.


August 25, 2001

12:15 PM


(Working in the garage, looking at old stuff that was filled with memories.  Some

spilled on my heart and the words came. . . )

With everyone in our lives we have one more day….  Even tho’ we know that there is the future and a day will come when there are no more days to spend, we really have no idea of the emptiness that will be there and of how we would give anything for one more day.