One More Spin Around the Dance Floor

I was thinking of you this morning
when one of those old songs played.
That’s not an unusual thing for me
but this morning memories squeezed harder.
Ah, the price I pay for reminiscing again
and stirring the same old worn-out pot
filled with fragments of memories dear.
It made me play that stupid game
of “if only I could have one more time with you”.
If I could just see those green eyes glow
as they did sometimes when they looked into mine.
If I could just hear your laugh or see the tears
when you laughed and laughed until you cried.
If I could just walk with hands swinging at our sides,
shoulders rubbing and no need for a single word.
If I could just take one turn around the dance floor
two-stepping to Willie singing one of “our” songs.
Or maybe slow dancing to absolutely ANYTHING
that got your arms wrapped around me
and your warm breath soft on my neck.
Gone now so many years.
You’d have thought all those “if I could’s”
would be worn to a frazzle but not to be.
Not to be as long as those old songs cry in my ear.

Michael Mathews
February 29th, 2020 10:39 AM
While working on “Notes From Jane”
In the RV on the Lone Star Lake
near where I hear rumors of home