Sad Thoughts Linked Together

I hate to be trite

Hate trite words and phrases

To flow from my fingers

And run across my pages

But now and then

A phrase nails me

Right between the line

Dividing trite and the heart

Why do you hate Christmas she asked

And before the answer

Could boil forth

She said

Don’t you remember

When you believed in Santa Claus

When Christmas Eve

Was the longest night of the year

Of leaving cookies and milk

Do you remember how it felt

Sometimes little words

Little phrases

Come at just the right time

Or wrong one

And sting

And sometimes rip

I do remember

In the back of some memory vault

Rarely visited

Dusty from the years

Those memories just leaped out

And there are others that are just as real

Memories of those feelings

Reflected in little eyes

And bright smiles

Looking back I see that look

In all of my little one’s eyes

Little then, not so now

I see it in the my oldest bright eyes

That danced and were never still

In the sweet eyes below blonde hair

Whose whole nature defined sweet

And in the dark eyes of the boy

Whose shy smile always sparkled

But it is most alive in the brown eyes

Of my youngest girl

I don’t know why I see her eyes so clearly

But I see the joy welling up

As if about to burst

And it reminds me again

Of what I miss everyday


Oh, but this was about Christmas

Wasn’t it

But one sad thought often leads

To another




Thursday 11:11 AM