Silly Thought

I know this is a silly thought

For so many years have passed

Since this touched anyone’s mind

And yet why is it such a sad thing

To consider that

I am no one’s little boy anymore

Now isn’t that a ridiculous thought for someone

Pushing the 50 years out of their way

And why should it matter

After all this time

“Who’s little boy are you?”

One of my earliest memories

A memory seldom touched now

How many times

Was I pointed out

With “That’s my little boy”

Yes, they are silly thoughts


But for some reason

They fill my heart

Even now as I think

Of my own

Of the ones I used to refer to

As my little girls

And my little boy

Will thoughts of those words

And the pride that goes

With them

Ever touch them and bring

Warmth or a tear

They, too, far past

A time where the phrase

Is appropriate

Except in a father’s heart

There is still joy in the phrase

But it is tinted with blue


Aunt Dot’s

May 18, 2006

11:09 AM