Someone Please Take Me Home*

Someone take me home
‘cause I just can’t find it.
No, it is not from drink
tho’ if I confess
the search has led me there.
No, that is not true.
I was led to drink
not by the search
but because I can’t find it.
Whatever that word means.
Oh, it has meaning
‘cause I can feel it.
Especially on those late nights
listening to the sad songs,
the ones I just can’t leave alone
or in thoughts of others
gone so long,
to whom the word home
meant so much.
I thought moving here
would help.
I thought being so close
to the place
that made my mother’s eyes
turn soft
when she heard the word.
Ah, but it is not geography,
even tho’ I hoped it to be so.
That’s why I came here.
Searching for home,
whatever that word means.
But I can’t find it,
have never found it,
and don’t think I ever will.
So, please, won’t someone help me.
How I hate to ask for help
of any kind,
but damnit all.
I just can’t find it
and it pulls at me so.
Someone, please take me home.

Michael Mathews
November 27th 2015
RV in the woods by the lake
On a beautiful fall day
8:05 am