Terrible things happen

Unbelievably terrible things

That may seem like nightmares

But happen before your open eyes

Eyes that stay open in shock        

Fear and disbelief

As the world falls apart

Like living in a horrible dream

Destroyed from your blindness

Blind to events taking place

In shadows

Events that tear at the heart

And bring fear

Like no creature of the night

As destruction rains

On all that used to glitter

And nothing can make it end

Nothing can make it go away

There is no hope

Of the morning light to bring you back

To the another place

Where all is good and full of joy

Where you would rise

Awakening from the nightmare

No, for this is real

This is the real world

Where you live with your loves

And hopes and another kind of dream

Now destroyed

By things happening in the daylight

(And thankfully in shadows

So you could not witness

The horrifying events that destroyed

All you love and care for)

Nowhere to run

Nowhere to hide


          August 12, 1993

         1955 (07:55 P.M.)