The Last Good-bye

I used to have a family

And did all those family things

Sat around the Christmas tree

Watched the paper fly

Played games and laughed

And laughed ‘til I cried

I ate ‘til I was stuffed

Then ate some more

There were football games

On television

Rooting for the home team

Yelling at the top of our lungs

Happy hellos

Sad good-byes

Sad good-byes

When did that last one happen

The last good-bye

Where did they all go

Leaving me alone

Missing someone


What turn did I make

That took me here

Took me so far from home

Wherever home might be

No open arms for me

No sad good-byes

They’ve all been spent



April 26, 2002

Home (or far from it)

Delray Beach, FL

7:59 P.M.