The One Who Always Remembers and Won’t Ever Let Me Forget

Friends come and friends go
as do places, dreams, sunrises,
sunsets, songs, meals
and almost everything in life.
In all there are changes
making some times fun;
some times sad.
You never know
what the day will bring.
The same meal that was so good
just the other week
has no taste the next time.
You may be with a friend
and at the end of the night
think what a drag.
Then the next time
you both laugh ‘til you cry.
And the next, they say “good-bye”
taking the good
and the bad away for good.
Just as some days have clouds
others have blue skies.
You never know what you are going to get.
What can you depend on?
What can you be sure of?
Sure that it will be the same;
touch you the same way?
Ah, but there is one.  Only one.
Who I know I can always depend upon.
The one who remembers
every moment, every touch,
every thought, every wish.
The one who reminds me
how sweet her lips felt
with that first kiss
so many lifetimes ago.
Or how tender the hugs
of my children and how
I would lay my head forward
and so my nose could touch
their hair and breath;
breath them in. 
There is only one who remembers
how wonderful that was.
The one who always knows
exactly where I am and how far away.
The one who never forgets a holiday
or birthday or anniversary
and can bring to life
all those forgotten dreams.
The one who knows the words to every song
and exactly where I was
and who I was with when they filled the air.
Only one.  No one else can be so faithful.
No one else so dependable.
No one else is ever so near
and never runs to where they can’t be found.
So dependable; so strong;
and who can touch me like no other.
The one who always remembers
and who won’t ever let me forget.
My old friend, the Blues. . .

Michael Mathews
7:54pm Wednesday
In the RV – somewhere near home?