There Were No Survivors

I woke when you softly called my name.
It wasn’t a matter of drifting from deep sleep
through that nether state of almost asleep, almost awake.
No, I was instantly alert as my heart leapt into my throat
and I searched the darkness for the tender sweet lips
that softly called my name.
All for naught.  All my eyes could find was the dark.
Ah, dreams.  Dreams of long ago times, long ago nights.
Dreams we molded together while lives were entwined.
Dreams.  Dreams once so vivid and full of life.
Did they crash and burn? 
Were they shot full of holes and sliced into many pieces
Did they just fade away and disappear in time’s crevice?
I have no answers.
I only know there were no survivors.

Michael Mathews
May 03, 2015
Sunday 6:34 PM
In the RV
Near somewhere that
claims it must be home