Thoughts of Final Days

Somewhere in the dark recesses of the late-night conversation

he was asked what he would do if the news was bad,

if it meant the end — the end of all?

His eyes had turned off to the side as he gazed as if into a far distance — a distance of miles, of years, of a lifetime.

He said softly, you know, I’ve been to the county fair, a state fair, and a world’s fair.

I’ve seen sunrises, sunsets, full eclipses of the sun and of the moon.

I’ve written a story, a poem, a song.

When life demanded courage, I stood up strong, more than once.

I’ve traveled to so many places, lived from coast-to-coast and across the seas.

I’ve made many friends along the way, including some who were friends for life.

I’ve enjoyed the company and pleasure from far more women than I ever deserved.

I’ve walked with criminals, with preachers, with the strong as well as the weak.

I’ve known politicians, statesmen, and men of great education.

I’ve lain with chippies, harlots, and whores.

I’ve also lain with fine southern ladies, actresses, artists, women of God, and some who were bound to others.

In what may seem at times like a wastrel’s life,

I’ve seen and done more than most men dream.

So, you asked what will I do if the news is bad?

Well, it’s not that I’ve done it all, but I have certainly done enough.

Michael Mathews

Oct 10, 2019 3 PM
Lone Star Lake near rumors of home