There was a wild kid in the family

Wild child

Ever into everything

Stirring every pot

Pushing every button


Double trouble on two legs

Mischievous did not begin

To describe this one

A little monster

At a young age

A name given with a smile

For the terror from this little monster

Came with laughter

And joy

Trouble-maker, of course

First to find the funny side of everything




Never still

Except when a book was at hand

It was safe then for the others

Only then could they be sure

A practical joke was not brewing

Little instigator

Who could not enjoy

The fun and moments sheer bedlam

That followed this one

Little monster, aptly named

Even now, I say the name and smile

I know there are those loved ones

Some who now live far away

Some who only live in my heart

Who would say

Are you talking about her

Or was it you

So many years ago



10:28 AM

Stopped to write this on the way back from an auction while listening to Traci Chapman sing “The Promise (If You Wait For Me)” – on the corner of Lyons Road and Glades in Boca Raton, FL