Wallowing in the Music

“What kind of music do you like?”
asked a new voice.
And I stumbled through my usual
poor explanation of the off brands,
obscure and hard to define.
It’s a little folk, a little blues,
a little southern rock sometimes.
It is sort of country, but not mainstream.
People like Lyle Lovett, Robert Earl Keen,
Shelby Lynn.  Of course there’s Tom Waits
and, man o’ man, the Amazing Rhythm Aces.

But I don’t listen to music
When I am trying to work
or trying to get things done.
For music takes me places
and sometimes I just don’t want to go.

It is a Facebook phrase that I beg, borrow or steal.
When you’re happy you hear the music;
when you’re sad you hear the words.

I told her to listen to this song
and that one.  Hop on YouTube
and listen to Tom Waits emotion
in “Tell it to Me”.  That’s a good start.
Then try the Amazing Rhythm Aces.
I was tempted to say
listen to any of their songs
for any will do. 
But I couldn’t resist to add
“If I Only Knew What to Say”
or “Burning the Ballroom Down” and
don’t forget every other song
they sing.

So what have I done this morning?
This morning when I had plans
of doing this and that.
I have listened to song after song
and felt their tug and pull
as I always do.  Pulling me away
from work, from now, from any thought.

I wallow in the music.  I wallow in the words.
I drown in the emotion
that all these old songs bring.

April 27, 2014
11:02 am
Sunday morning
“Home” J