I looked for you

In the eyes of every girl

I saw today

Some eyes shined bright

But not like yours

I listened, too

For your voice

I know it well

Though I’ve never heard it

Even once

I’ve been fooled a time or two

But I know better now

I’ll wait with all the patience

I can endure

When I find you

I’ll sing for you

Tho’ I can’t sing a note

I’ll whisper my love for you

In the words of the would-be poet

I’ll make you smile and fill you

With the love of silver dreams

And nothing will ever keep me away

Or be too high a price to pay

When I find you

My heart will soar

My eyes will shine and my soul

Will be on fire

But for now

I’m waiting

And watching, too


                                    Nov 6, 1975