When You Quoted Dumas And Cried

I was driving through the country
when I got the call.
It was short
for the caller knew I wouldn’t have anything to say
or maybe I should say
she understood I would have been rendered
with no way to talk.
For she knew us
when the days were bright
and emotions soared.
How fitting that this day was so dark
and cold
with rain falling making the day just gray.
I had good music playing
though none of the songs that would have made me think of her.
But I didn’t need any of those
to take me back to those days.
Those days of sunshine.
I thought of those early days
of when we both saw the signs,
saw the all the possibilities.
They were the days of walking side by side
when our elbows would touch.
More rubs than touches
and now and then our shoulders would do the same.
Those were the days when every little bit of humor
brought laughter, not just smiles.
And when every once in a while
there was silence
as we looked in one another’s eyes.
Even in the early days
we could see it
and knew it for what it was
for what it could be.
And here I fight not to be trite
for my poor words are no match
for what was there
waiting to be unleashed.
Ah, but there was that one thing
we couldn’t push aside
though we sure came close.
And now I smile thinking
of what you said
one of those painful nights
of being so close
but not crossing the line.
You had that wry smile
as you quoted Dumas and said
“The bonds of matrimony are so heavy
it takes two to carry them.”
You paused, your eyes filled
and the smile turned blue
as you added, “Sometimes three.”
Lines not crossed
even through all the years that followed
with a bond that grew to enfold
all those dreams.
Silly now to try to express
how strong was the emotion
and the pull of those eyes.
Crazy that it lasted all these years
‘til now.
Wait. Wait.
This won’t make it go away.
Just because now you’re gone.

Michael Mathews
November 12, 2018
Monday 6:06 PM
In the RV at the lake.