Whispering winds,
how I strain to hear.
Are you carrying Truth
and Wisdom
of the past’s Golden Ages?

If I listened with all
my devotion
and promised not to tell,
could you fill my mind
with dreams of kings
that struggled and died?

Do you carry tales
of pirate’s gold
and joy
and the seeds
of all that’s been forgotten?
Could you tell
of what you’ve seen
since all time began?

If I listened close
to your sighs
and soft rustling breezes.
Would I hear these things
of would I hear
the wind?

Michael Mathews
Garland TX
(While at Eastfield College)

Other than my love poem to sweet Sherry Shull in the 6th grade at Stephen F Austin Elementary School in Dallas, this is the first poem I ever wrote. Sherry, by the way, took my poem and tore it into little pieces and let them fall on that playground of long ago. Ah. The first of my broken hearts. . . 🙂