Winter Auction

And for the next item

What would you bid

For all those beautiful winter nights

And the evenings before the open fire

Spent with family and those we love?

And how about snowmen

And all the winter sports

Skiing from the mountain top

Skating with grace untold

And I’ll throw in all the walks

In winter’s wonderland

Rosy cheeks, frosted breath

And snowball fights

And, yes, let’s even include snuggling

On cold and icy nights

What will you bid?

What will you bid for treasures

Such as these?

A mountain of gold?

Everlasting fame?

No, no.

A life of leisure?

A harem of golden-haired dancing girls?

No, no

A single leaf from the first bud of spring?

SOLD! To the highest bidder.



9:40 PM