Wooly Bully

Damn that song

It played again a few minutes ago

After all these years

You’d think the radio waves

Wouldn’t carry it any longer

And you’d think

The years would have erased

The rush of emotion

That comes each time it plays

For I don’t just think of you

I am there

I am back all those so many years ago

Where you lay on your back

In front of the big console

Radio & record player

While Sam the Sham sang

Wooly Bully

And you danced

Danced flat on your back

With your eyes closed

Filled with the moment

And filled with the emotion

Of your first love

Where every touch is electrifying

Each thrill new

And experienced for the first time

And now so many years later

So many the number sounds foolish

I can feel the pulse of the music

And see the joy on your face

Oh, wait.

I can even catch a sniff

Of perfume

A soft fragrance blended

With the scent of your skin

And I feel the soft touch of your lips

Wooly Bully

How can all this joy be embedded

In such  a silly song

To the rites of passage for both of us

To such a sweet moment

Still alive

But lost in time


Work (the Tattered Suitcase)

July 18, 2010

12:50 AM – Sunday